Plan your party at Carpool

download catering menuCarPool is a popular venue for office, holiday, birthday and other parties. The best time to hold a party here is anytime Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, or before 6:00 pm Thursday and Friday, or before 7:00 pm Saturday. CarPool tends to get crowded on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and that is why we don’t recommend starting a party after those times. It may not be possible to book parties on some days, such as on a Sunday before a Monday holiday. Please fill out the form below and we will be happy to answer your questions and help set up your party.

Party Notes

We don’t usually charge a fee for reserving space for a party. We charge you only for what you use, whether that be pool time, shuffleboard time, food or beverages. We charge for the pool and shuffleboard tables according to the amount of time you play on them and the number or players.

Our pool and shuffleboard charges are prorated to the minute. You may reduce the number of pool or shuffleboard tables you are using at any time during your party. For example, if you start off with four tables and after a while some of your group stop playing, you may return the balls for one or more of the tables to us and we will stop charging you for them. We may then rent that table to other customers if there is a waitlist for pool or shuffleboard.

If you do not show up at the time you have told us the party will start, and we do not hear from you, we may have to start giving other customers the tables you have asked for. We will not do so until 15 minutes after the time you were supposed to arrive, and we will do it only if we have no other tables available for customers.

We will ask you to run a single tab for your party with your server or servers. You may pre-order your food or order it from the menu during the party.